Dongmei Alvi
Research Associate

Gregory D. Boardman
Emeritus Professor

Industrial waste management, water and wastewater treatment, environmental toxicology, aquaculture

Address:417 Durham Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel.:(540) 231-1376
Matthew Y. Chan
Project Associate

Address:227 Kelly Hall
William E. Cox
Professor Emeritus

Water resources management with emphasis on institutional arrangements for alleviating water among competing interests and protecting environmental quality

Address:Patton Hall 202-B, Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel.:(540) 231-7152
Steven S. Cox
Visiting Assistant Professor

Air Quality, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Building and Maintenance Practices

Tel.:(540) 231-9802
Dongjuan Dai
Research Scientist

Andrea M. Dietrich

Drinking water quality, treatment, and infrastructure; chemosensory analysis of environmental contaminants and tastes-and-odors in drinking water; fate and transport of organic and inorganic chemicals; environmental analytical chemistry.

Address:413 Durham Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel.:(540) 231-5773
Randel L. Dymond

Urban Stormwater HydroInformatics, Stormwater Quality & Quantity, Watershed Planning & Management, Land Use Change Impacts, Real-time, high-frequency water monitoring (LEWAS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Decision Support Systems, Visualization of Geospatial data, Land Development Design Initiative (LDDI), Sustainable Land Development, Civil Infrastructure Systems,
Google Scholar for a list of publications (not guaranteed to be accurate)

Address:220-C Patton Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-9023
Marc A. Edwards
Charles P. Lunsford Professor

Water treatment, corrosion, arsenic removal, applied aquatic chemistry

Address:Durham 407
Tel.:(540) 231-7236
Clara M. A. Eichler
Indoor Air Quality, Wastewater Treatment, Biogas, Renewable Energy, Urban Water Management
Daniel L. Gallagher

Environmental statistics and data analysis, risk assessment, food safety, contaminant fate and transport, environmental modeling and simulation

Address:Durham 409
Tel.:(540) 231-5889
Adil N. Godrej
Research Associate Professor

Environmental modeling and simulation; Nonpoint pollution monitoring and control; Watershed, lake and reservoir management; Environmental data analysis and display

Address:Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Laboratory
9408 Prince William Street
Manassas, VA 20110
Tel.:+1.703.361.5606 x114
Stanley Grant (starting August 2018)
Steve Hankey
Affiliated Faculty Member
Zhen (Jason) He

Environmental biotechnology, bioenergy production, microbial fuel cells, sustainable desalination technology, biological wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, water softening process environmental bio-electrochemistry, osmotic bioelectrochemical systems, membrane bioreactors, sustainable water reuse

Address:403 Durham Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel.:(540) 231-1346
Erich T. Hester
Associate Professor

Hydrology, hydraulics, environmental fluid mechanics, groundwater, surface water-groundwater exchange, hyporheic exchange, floodplain exchange
Ecohydrology and ecohydraulics
Ecology and ecological restoration of streams, rivers, and wetlands
Pollutant migration and transformation in aquatic systems
Watershed planning and environmental sustainability of water management
Surface coal mine hydrology

Address:220-D Patton Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-9758
Clayton C. Hodges
Research Assistant Professor

Urban stormwater quality and quantity, hydrology, hydraulics, land development.

Address:310-D Patton Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-3478
Jennifer L. Irish

Coastal engineering; Physical impacts of coastal hazards including storm surge, tsunami inundation, and erosion; Disaster resilience; Coastal hazard probability and risk assessment; Impacts of climate change and sea-level rise at the coast; Vegetated coastal hydrodynamics. Please visit for comprehensive information on Dr. Irish' research and teaching programs (including current publications, projects, and courses taught).

Address:Civil & Environmental Engineering
Virginia Tech
Mail Code 0105
750 Drillfield Drive
221E Patton Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz
Assistant Professor

Address:419 Durham Hall
1145 Perry St. (0246)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
David F. Kibler
Professor Emeritus

Hydraulics, hydrology, urban flood control, stormwater management

Address:Patton Hall 221-E
Tel.:(540) 231-8309
William R. Knocke

Physical-chemical treatment of water and wastewater, chemistry of aquatic systems, sludge treatment and disposal, hazardous waste assessment and treatment.

Address:220B Patton Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-9050
Saurav Kumar
Research Associate

Weinan Leng
Research Scientist

John C. Little
Charles E. Via, Jr. Professor

Primary interests are cross-media mass transfer and process dynamics in environmental systems. Current focus is on managing water quality in lakes and reservoirs and understanding and controlling chemical emissions from building materials and consumer products. Emerging areas of interest include sustainability and resilience from a systems perspective.

Address:401 Durham Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-0836
Linsey C. Marr
Charles P. Lunsford Professor

  • Transformation and fate of pollutants in the atmosphere
  • Improved quantification of air pollutant emissions
  • Environmental and health impacts of engineered nanoparticles
  • Airborne transmission of infectious disease

A complete CV is available as a pdf file.

Address:411 Durham Hall (0246), Blacksburg, VA 24061
E-mail:lmarr vt edu
Tel.:(540) 231-6071
John T. Novak
Professor Emeritus

Bioremediation, water and wastewater treatment, hazardous waste treatment, sludge treatment, solid waste management.

Address:NEB 419
Tel.:(540) 231-6132
Jeff Parks
Address:418 Durham Hall
1145 Perry Street
Harold E. Post II
Research Associate

Address:Occoquan Monitoring Lab, 9408 Prince William Street, Manassas, VA 20110
Tel.:(703) 361-5606
Amy Pruden

Applied environmental microbiology, antibiotic resistance genes as emerging contaminants, opportunistic pathogens in premise plumbing, environmental implications of nanotechnology, biomolecular tools, sustainable water infrastructure, microbiome of the built environment

Address:403 Durham Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-3980
Aaron J. Prussin
Address:Durham Hall
Clifford W. Randall
Charles P. Lunsford Professor Emeritus

Biological Nutrient Removal, eutrophication, industrial wastewater treatment, water pollution control

Address:404 Durham Hall
Tel.:(540) 552-4649
Megan Rippy (starting August 2018)
Assistant Professor
Paolo Scardina
Assistant Professor of Practice

Environmental Water Resources
Municipal Water Supply, Quality, and Production
Potable and Wastewater Flow, Management, and Treatment Processes
Stormwater Systems
Residential Water Pipe and Copper Corrosion
Dissolved Gas Supersaturation
Filter Air Binding & Floating Floc

Address:221-B Patton Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-2391
Elizabeth B. Smiley
Scientist II

Address:482 Durham Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-6024
Nina Stark
Assistant Professor

coastal and marine geotechnics; subaqueous sediment dynamic; beach dynamics; structure-seafloor interaction; offshore renewable energies; instrument development

Address:216 Patton Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel.:(540) 231-7152
Kyle Strom
Associate Professor

Research areas: River Mechanics, Environmental Hydraulics, Sediment Transport, Geomorphology, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, and Experimental Methods. We study the flow mechanics, sediment and substance transport, and landscape change in rivers, estuaries, deltas, and submarine fans. For more information on our group's research, visit

Address:Patton Hall 221D
Tel.:(540) 231-0979
Peter J. Vikesland
Nick Prillaman Professor

Nanomaterials in the environment, Improved sensors for drinking water treatment.

Address:415 Durham Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-3568
Zhiwu (Drew) Wang
Assistant Professor

water/wastewater treatment, nutrient removal/recovery, anaerobic digestion, biofilm reactors, bioprocess modeling, and the bioconversion of waste into bioenergy and bioproducts.

Address:9408 Prince William Street, Manassas, VA 20110
Tel.:(703) 361-5606 Ext. 119
Fei Wang
Research Scientist

Claire White
Assistant Professor of Practice

Land development, Land development design, real estate

Address:208 Patton Hall
Mark A. Widdowson

Groundwater resources, Fate and attenuation of contaminants in aquatic environments, Modeling and decision-support tools, Subsurface remediation including Natural Attenuation, Bioremediation, Phytoremediation.

Address:Patton Hall 220-A
Tel.:(540) 231-7153
Kevin D. Young
Assistant Professor of Practice

Address:221-C Patton Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-2474