Course Description :

Behavior and design of reinforced concrete members based on ultimate strength. Beam and slabs in flexure, shear and torsion, development of reinforcement. Columns with axial force plus bending, slenderness effects in columns.

Specific Course Objectives :
  • Describe the basic properties of concrete and reinforcing steel.
  • Recognize the uncertainty in reinforced concrete design and the need for load and resistance factors.
  • Describe the load paths from floor slab to floor beams to columns to footings of a typical reinforced concrete framing system.
  • Calculate strength and design reinforced concrete members in bending, including rectangular beams, T-beams, doubly reinforced beams, and one-way slabs.
  • Calculate strength and design reinforced concrete beams in shear.
  • Construct a column interaction diagram and design a reinforced concrete column.
Course Prerequisite :
C- or better in CEE 3404 and CEE 3684
Hours & Credits :
3H, 3C
Semester Offered :
Fall, Spring