Course Description :

Advanced theories and practices in environmental engineering with special emphasis on inorganic aspects of water chemistry; application of water chemistry fundamentals for the description of aquatic systems.

Specific Course Objectives :
  • Use Mineql (menu driven chemical equilibrium program) and Micro-soft excel programs to solve aquatic chemistry problems.

  • Apply equilibrium concepts to solving practical environmental engineering problems involving:

    a) metal precipitation and solution chemistry

    b) complexation of metals by natural organic matter

    c) calculation of 'best fit' practical equilibrium and sorption constants

    d) sorption onto solids

    e) surface chemistry including surface potential and sorptive removal

    f) basic understanding of coagulation and corrosion

  • Prepare an effective critical review of peer reviewed literature, including:

    a) oral presentation(s) of appropriate background and results

    b) critical examination of hypothesis, methods, and conclusions, with identification of scientific short comings

    c) application of knowledge gained in course to developing alternative explanations for observed research results
Course Prerequisite :
CEE 5104 or CHEM 3616
Hours & Credits :
2H, 2C