Course Description :

Fundamentals of groundwater hydrology; flow through porous media, both saturated and unsaturated; flow to wells in both confined and unconfined aquifers; seepage of groundwater to canals and field drains; analysis of aquifer test data to quantify flow and storage parameters; contaminants in groundwater; basic introduction to groundwater modeling.

Specific Course Objectives :
  • Describe basic hydrogeologic properties and the flow and storage of subsurface waters.
  • Apply analytical solutions to calculate water levels and rates of groundwater flow, and drawdown due to pumping wells groundwater systems for 1-D, 2-D and radial flow problems
  • Use the method of superposition for boundaries and other problem irregularities.
  • Determine the capture zone and capture curve of a pumping well.
  • Analyze pump and slug test data to quantify flow and storage parameters in aquifers.
  • Execute an elementary computer model simulation for groundwater flow and analyze/report results to address groundwater management issues.
Course Prerequisite :
C- or better in CEE 3304
Hours & Credits :
3H, 3C
Semester Offered :