Course Description :

Analysis of the water resources planning process and the institutional framework for water resources management. Criteria and procedures for evaluating management alternatives are examined, with emphasis on assessment of economic and environmental impacts.

Specific Course Objectives :
  • Identify and analyze U.S. policy, laws, and programs applicable to water resources planning and management.
  • Identify the major water management responsibilities of the federal, state, and local levels of government.
  • Apply benefit-cost analysis concepts to water resources development.
  • Identify and analyze permit requirements and environmental constraints on water development.
  • Recognize the significance of social aspects of water resources development.
  • Describe current practice and issues associated with water project financing (cash flows).
  • Conduct present-worth analysis of project benefits and costs occurring at different times during construction and operation of water resource development projects.
Course Prerequisite :
Senior standing required.
Hours & Credits :
3H, 3C
Semester Offered :