Course Description :

This course introduces building information modeling (BIM) and its integrated practices for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. BIM enables the development of data-rich virtual models of buildings (and similar assets) that could be used for different applicatiosn during a project life-cycle. These applications include design exploration, projects' constructability and feasibility analysis, project documentation, project cost control and management, project sequencing, field coordination, facilities management, life cycle assessment, and energy perofrmance. Students will learn the core technologies for BIM authoring and specialty applications. The former refers to the technologies that are used for generating BIM models (i.e., virtual models of projects) and the latter refers to the technologies that are used for leveraging an existing BIM model.

Specific Course Objectives :
  • Create virtual architectural models for buildings.
  • Create custom parametric object models.
  • Apply authoring skills to create virtual structural models for buildings.
  • Perform constructability and construction management processes and analyses.
  • Acquire point cloud data using reality capturing technologies for 3D representation and reconstruction.
  • Construct and interact with immersive virtual reality environments.
  • Recognize contemporary topics and new directions for BIM technologies.
Course Prerequisite :
Junior/Senior standing
Hours & Credits :
3Hours, 3Credits
Semester Offered :
Course Comment :
This class counts as a CEE Science/Engineering science elective.
Program Area :
Interdisciplinary Programs