Course Description :

Engineering properties of soils including their descriptions and classifications, the effects of water, soil strength and compressibility. Introduction to soil stabilization, earth pressures, slope stability, and foundations.

Specific Course Objectives :
  • Explain how geology influences subsurface conditions and impacts engineering decisions.
  • Classify soils and use phase diagrams to compute weight and volume quantities.
  • Estimate soil permeability and quantity of seepage.
  • Determine total stresses, pore water pressures, and effective stresses.
  • Determine subsurface stress changes due to applied surface loading.
  • Estimate the magnitude and time-rate of settlement due to consolidation.
  • Apply the Mohr-Coulomb shear strength criterion to evaluate the potential for failure in a soil mass.
  • Interpret laboratory test data and field exploration information, and transmit the findings in technical memoranda.
  • Design a laboratory and field test program to obtain parameters to solve a geotechnical problem.
Course Prerequisite :
C- or better in each of the following: ESM 2204, GEOS 2104
Hours & Credits :
3H, 2L, 4C
Semester Offered :
Fall, Spring