Course Description :

Stormwater quality. Basic traps, basins, and filters. Stormwater treatment. Basic vegetative control systems. Mechanistic role of wetland. Best management practices. Monitoring, sampling, analysis, and maintenance methods.

Specific Course Objectives :
  • Evaluate typical stormwater quality in terms of pollutant level, composition, and characteristics
  • Design basic traps, basins, and filters used for stormwater treatment.
  • Design basic vegetative control systems such as strips, swales, bioretention, green roofs, etc.
  • Evaluate the mechanistic role of wetland in stormwater quality control.
  • Select best management practices for stormwater treatment.
  • Implement the monitoring, sampling, analysis, and maintenance methods of the stormwater treatment practices.
Course Prerequisite :
Graduate Standing
Hours & Credits :
3H, 3C