Course Description :

Cyber-physical systems and remote sensing methods in civil engineering. Electrodynamics and fundamental physical operating principles. Sensing and sensor deployment strategies. Data acquisition and reduction. Signal and image processing techniques. Data interpretation, management, and curation.

Specific Course Objectives :
  • Identify cyber-physical systems instruments and remote sensing methods used in civil engineering.
  • Apply principles of electrodynamics to cyber-physical and remote sensing systems.
  • Select a combination of appropriate sensing strategies/data collection for a variety of civil engineering applications.
  • Acquire field or lab data using cyber-physical systems instruments and remote sensing techniques.
  • Apply signal and image data processing techniques.
  • Visualize, synthesize, and interpret physical data, images, and point clouds.
  • Create a virtual repository following proper data management standards
Course Prerequisite :
CEE 3814 (MIN grade of C-) or BSE 3144 (MIN grade of C-)
Hours & Credits :
3H, 3C
Faculty :