Course Description :

Development of methods and numerical models for computing surface runoff from developing watersheds; hydraulics of combined sewer systems; urban non-point source pollutant load calculations and best-management practices; control strategies for regional stormwater management; detention basin design for control of urban floods and non-point source pollutants.

Specific Course Objectives :
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the issues related to urban water quality and quantity, and the policies and regulations intended to mitigate them.
  • Apply simple models of urban runoff (including Rational formula, TR55, and various statistical procedures) for flood peak estimates and hydrograph generation.
  • Analyze storm water detention facilities for water quantity and quality control.
  • Select and evaluate various BMPs for water quantity and quality control.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the issues of water quantity and quality monitoring and model calibration.
  • Examine state-of-the-art hydraulics and hydrology models and apply them to urban drainage systems for analysis.
Course Prerequisite :
CEE 4304
Hours & Credits :
3H, 3C