How do i paste an object from one drawing to the same coordinates in another drawing?
If you need to paste an object from one drawing to the same coordinates in another drawing you can do so easily with the Paste To Orig Coords command. To try this, open the drawing that contains the object you want to place in another drawing. Then, open the drawing in which you want to paste the object and tile the windows so both drawings are visible. Select the object by activating its grips, only make sure the grips aren't selected (highlighted). Hold down the right mouse button and drag the object to the second drawing. When you release the right mouse button a shortcut menu appears with options. Choose the Paste To Orig Coords option and the object is pasted to the same coordinates as in the original drawing.
I left something in the lab and I am trying to find it?
There is a lost and found box in room 316 on the back table near the printer. Please check that box or the area around where you were working.
I need to save a file, but I am receiving an error when I try to write to the hard drive. What is wrong?
Writing files to the C: drive has been disabled on all lab machines. If you need to save a file locally on the computer, save it on the D: drive.
I just received a message saying that my computer is about to be restarted. Should I save all of my work?
Yes. The message you received has come from the lab administrators, and the machine will be restarted without prompting you. Save all of your work as soon as you can, and allow the machine to restart.
I saved a file to the desktop, and now it is gone. Is there any way to recover the file?
No. When a student user logs off from the computer, the desktop is cleaned and reset to it's original state, and there is no way to recover any files that have been saved. To prevent losing files, save any work to the D: drive.
Are there reference books available for the software in CEECL?
We have a variety of reference books for use only in CEECL. A Hokie Passport is required to use the books on a sign-out/sign-in basis.
What do I do if I have a question when a consultant is not on duty?
You may email us at with your question; we will answer it as soon as we can.
My Hokie Passport won\'t open the door when I scan it.
If your Hokie Passport is not working, please see a consultant. We will test your card and record your student ID number if it is not working. Once a week, the door access system is updated. If you still can\'t open the door, the problem may be with the magnetic strip on the card itself; this strip can be replaced for free at the Hokie Passport Office.
How can I clean off my monitor?
Anti-static monitor wipes have been provided in room 316 on the back table near the printer. Please take one wipe and clean off your monitor thoroughly and then dispose of the wipe in the waste basket.
My Zip disk will not eject. What can I do?
Double-click on "My Computer", then right-click on the Zip drive, and select "Eject…" from the list of options. If the disk does not eject, see one of the lab administrators immediately.
What do I do if the printer is out of paper?
Contact the lab administrator or the on duty lab consultant and they will promptly add more paper. Do not try to add any of your own paper; the printers have been locked down to prevent access.
What do I do if there is another printer problem?
Talk to a lab administrator or a lab consultant as soon as possible. Do not try to service the printer yourself.
Can I print in color?
Yes, you can print in color. However, the color printer is currently not set up for use on every machine. We will try to have it up and running as soon as possible.
How do I plot a drawing in AutoCAD?
If you need to plot a drawing from AutoCAD on the HP plotter, see one of the lab consultants during their hours. The consultants must plot your drawing for you.
I am receiving a program error, what should I do?
Immediately tell the professor or consultant of the problem. If no professor or consultant is present, fill out the CEECL help form which can be found on the desktop.
Why do the printers print so lightly?
The printers are set to use their "EconoMode" for fast printing and conservation of toner to reduce the cost per page. At this time there is no way for a user to change this setting but once a printing pay system is implemented this option will be turned off.