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Clifford W. Randall

Charles P. Lunsford Professor Emeritus

Areas of Interest

Biological Nutrient Removal, eutrophication, industrial wastewater treatment, water pollution control

  • B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Kentucky, 1959
  • M.S. Civil Engineering (Sanitary Engineering), University of Kentucky, 1963
  • Ph.D. Environmental Health Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 1966
  • Virginia Tech, Assistant Prof., 1968 to Endowed Prof. 1981 to 2001 attained Emeritus status
  • Univ. of Texas, Arlington, Assistant Prof., 1965 to 1968
  • Univ. of Cape Town, South Africa, Visiting Prof., 1983
  • U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey, Commissioned Officer, 1959 to 1962
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Virginia Water Resources Research Center, 2006
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Virginia Water Environment Association, 2001
  • Gordon M. Fair Medal for Excellence in Engineering Education, WATER ENVIRONMENT FEDERATION, 1998.
  • Deans Award for Excellence in Public Service, COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, VIRGINIA TECH, 1997.
  • Mathias Medal for Scientific Excellence Contributing towards the Preservation and Improvement of the Chesapeake Bay, CHESAPEAKE RESEARCH CONSORTIUM & THE SEA GRANTS PROGRAMS OF MARYLAND AND VIRGINIA, 1996.
  • Award of Recognition for Outstanding Public Service, VIRGINIA TECH ALUMNI, 1996.
  • Salute to Excellence, Governor of Maryland, 1994
  • Academic Achievement Award, American Water Works Association, 1980 & 1989.
  • Randall, C. W., J. L. Barnard and H. D. Stensel (1992). DESIGN AND RETROFIT OF WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS FOR BIOLOGICAL NUTRIENT REMOVAL, Volume 5, Water Quality Management Library, Technomics Publishing Company, Inc., Lancaster, PA. 419 pages.
  • Randall, C. W. (1998). "Chapter 8: Design of Biological Phosphorus Removal Processes", in BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL SYSTEMS FOR NUTRIENT REMOVAL, Special Publication, Water Environment Federation, Alexandria, VA., pp. 193-262.
  • Sen, D., P. Mitta and C. W. Randall (1994). "Performance of Fixed-Film Media Integrated in Activated Sludge Reactors to Enhance Nitrogen Removal", Wat. Sci. Tech., 30, 11, pp 13-24. International Association on Water Quality, Pergamon Press, Great Britian.
  • Sen, D., and C. W. Randall (1996). "Mathematical Model for a Multi-CSTR Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) System", Proceedings, 69th Annual Conference, Water Environment Federation, Vol. 1, pp. 589-600. Dallas, Texas, Oct. 6-9, 1996.
  • Randall, C. W. (1998). "Activated Sludge: Latest Developments and a Look into the Future". Journal of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, Vol. 12, 5, pp. 375-383. Great Britain.